We are a company dedicated to manufacture by-products from paper and other recycling materials, our priority is to bring smart and innovative solutions to our clients. Always concerned about the environment, offering 100% recyclable products and promoting Mexico’s sustainable development.

Product Innovation

We accompany you in your operational process to mutually distinguish what you really need: speed, quality, design innovation, support, based on your goals, we create the product that meets your specific needs.

Personalized Service

According to your consumption patterns, we offer you different alternatives for your product delivery, such as the "just in time" service, which allows you to reduce stock and have better material supervision in your facilities.

Additionally, looking forward to deliver the final product according to your needs, we have the printing and labeling service for your packaging, giving you the possibility of consolidating your brand and saving subsequent processes.


We create molded pulp products from renewable raw material: recycled paper. For the manufacturing process we do not generate CO2 emissions; in addition, the products have a capacity to biodegrade in 180 days as soon as they are disposed, which makes us a sustainable company that safeguards the environment and generates a positive impact in facing worldwide waste disposal problems.

We develop ideal packaging solutions for each of our clients, providing the best service and the highest quality in our products.

We currently have ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and FSC Recycled (Chain of custody) certifications, making us a company with the highest quality standards, committed to satisfy our customer needs being eco-friendly, with a high responsibility in environmental and forest sustainability issues.

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